Pink Ladies Wellies

Pink Wellington boots, Pink rubber boots, and Pink wellies.

Immense obsession with Pink Things? it's not just a colour, It's a whole new attitude!
The colour Pink is exceptionally special due to the fact it's the one few colours that becomes linked so strongly to your personality. Pink is not just a colour, It's a whole new attitude. Take the singer Pink for instance, she erased all typical connotations of the colour being typically ’pink tales’ and ‘candy floss’, and made it loud and punchy. Avril Lavigne made pink a twist of sassy, loud and rude and Paris Hilton, despite her attention seeking immature antics, made it fashionable and revived the innocent girly, feminine look.

So now it's ok to be pink again and bring out that childish girl within. It's accepted to be pink, funky, loud and proud, and nothing is more funkier than pink wellies. What will it be? 'funky pink wellies', 'plain pink wellies', 'pink daisy wellies', 'raspberry red wellies' or 'pink polka dots wellies'…the list and styles for pink Wellington Boots is endless as great girly accessories. Baby pink welly designs are often the more subtle girly approach compared to vibrant funky pink wellies which show more attitude with an extra loud statement of confidence. Those who choose ladies pink wellies are often fun loving and attention seeking and yet far more interesting than meets the eye.
Pink has also splashed the Wedgewelly market.

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